Welcom to BitBill.eu, pay all your bills easy and fast with Bitcoins

Pay all your bill with Bitcoin!

Always wanted to pay your phone bill, your rent or other bills with Bitcoin but couldn't? Meet BitBill.eu. BitBill.eu is an unique concept with only one purpose. To make it possible for you to pay all your bills with Bitcoin.

Paying your Bills with Bitcoin has never been so easy, no need to make and account and no verifications needed. Just three easy steps and you paid your bill.

  • Fill in the amount of your bill and the information of the receiver.
  • Pay the amount in Bitcoins to us.
  • Within one business day we will pay your bill to the receiver.

We also accept the following cryptocurrencies

  • Auroracoin - aurAuroracoin (AUR)
  • Bitcoin - btcBitcoin (BTC)
  • Blackcoin - blkBlackcoin (BLK)
  • Dash - dashDash (DASH)
  • DigiByte - dgbDigiByte (DGB)
  • Dogecoin - dogeDogecoin (DOGE)
  • e-Gulden - efle-Gulden (EFL)
  • Faircoin - fairFaircoin (FAIR)
  • Feathercoin - ftcFeathercoin (FTC)
  • Guldencoin - nlgGuldencoin (NLG)
  • Litecoin - ltcLitecoin (LTC)
  • Peercoin - ppcPeercoin (PPC)
  • Startcoin - startStartcoin (START)
  • VeriCoin - vrcVeriCoin (VRC)
  • Vertcoin - vtcVertcoin (VTC)

Why use BitBill.eu

  • Our service is easy and fast
  • No account or verification needed
  • Pay your bills fully anonymous with Bitcoin
  • We support multiple cryptocurrencyies
  • We pay your bill to the receiver within one business day
  • Low transactions costs and fee