How does it work?

Pay all your bills easy and fast with Bitcoin or one of the other supported cryptocurrencies.

Finally it is possible, now you can pay everywhere with Bitcoins.
Pay your taxes, your rent or your phone bill easy and fast with Bitcoins.
No account of verification needed, just to simple steps and you paid your bill.

Don't pay your taxes, your phone bill or car reparation with euro's, but do it with Bitcoin.

No account of verification needed

The way our system is designed makes it possible to pay your bill with Bitcoins in just two simple steps. How? Simple! Fill in the amount of your bill and the details of the receiver, pay us in Bitcoin and we pay your bill to the receiver within one work day.

We are lightning fast!

During the pay your bill process fill in a payment link and we will make sure your bill will be paid even faster. Our target is to pay your bill within one work day.

Fully transparent

Every order you place can be tracked with our 'Orderstatus' module. Here you will find a list of all your orders and make sure we payed the receiver.

How we make money?

Off course we need to pay bills ourself, if we didn't make money we could not maintain this service. That is why we calculate 1% fee and € 0.95 transaction costs on all orders.


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